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London based singer-songwriter Ed Whicher writes summery songs that are reflective yet positive. His music captures bitter-sweet stories of love, loss and self-doubt.

In 2015 Ed teamed up with producer Charlie Holmes to release his first set of solo singles. The collection, entitled 'We Are Elephants' started as a passion project but quickly grew and gained industry attention.

In 2016 he released two more singles, Stormy Weather and Forgive You. Polar opposite in sound, these tracks intended to show how Ed would continue to push and develop his writing style, sound and production.

Winter 2016/2017 saw Ed release another set of singles, this time as a four track. The Sold EP reflected on a difficult time for the songwriter channeling feelings of missed opportunity and melancholy about growing up. The tracks were generally well received and bouncing back with some positive reviews Ed decided to embark on his first live tour. He pulled together close friends Phil Smith (lead guitar) and David Clarke (bass) to form a three piece band who spent the summer promoting new material in and around London.

Summer 2018 Ed took a year off writing and releasing music while he got married. However, the last half of 2019 was spent writing and he is coming back to music with a new energy.

His latest single 'Someday' came out in December 2019 and he is working on his first full album to release in 2020.